A note from CEO Pat Doyle

Pat Doyle Head shot 2016Education and learning are important tools when it comes to preventing and tackling homelessness. Education can also help build a fairer society where homelessness does not exist and where the needs of vulnerable young people are fully met.

Peter McVerry Trust has developed this website in the hope that it will help you to better understand homelessness in Ireland today. It is vitally important that we are all aware of the issues and causes that surround homelessness. We also need to realize that there are large numbers of children, young people, individuals, couples and families that are facing huge challenges everyday and lack that essential space that we all call home.

At Peter McVerry Trust we are proud of our work to help young people in need, working with children from the ages of 12 upwards we see firsthand the failure of society and communities to respond to the need of the vulnerable.

We hope that by helping you to learn more about the issues that we work with that you can help to create a better, fairer Ireland where the needs of the most vulnerable are met and homelessness is eliminated.