Homelessness in Ireland

Educational Resources on Homelessness

A home is not just the possession of a physical space to sleep.

Homelessness is the problem faced by people who lack a place to live that is supportive, affordable, decent and secure. As of August 2020, 8,728 people are currently accessing emergency accommodation in Ireland. This dire situation urgently calls for actions from all of us.

This site offers insights into the homelessness situation in Ireland and offers resources and services to prevent and tackle homelessness.

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Homelessness in Ireland,
in Numbers

To help raise the awareness of the magnitude of the homelessness situation in Ireland, we have gathered related data, information and resources on this website.

Emergency Accommodation

Homeless Hostels or other institutions and shelters


8,728 is the live figure of people accessing emergency accommodation in Ireland.


Sleeping Rough: 
Streets, Parks, Cars & Squats


For every person sleeping rough in Dublin there are 29 people in emergency homeless accommodation.

Mortgage Arrears


The number of private residential and buy-to-let mortgage accounts in Ireland that were in arrears, as of March 2020.

Soaring Rents


As of September, private rents have risen by 65% nationally since their low point in late 2011, putting thousands at risk of homelessness.

Unfit Housing


90% of private rented dwellings in Dublin inspected over a two-year period were found to be in breach of housing standards legislation.

Direct Provision



People granted refugee status or international protection in Ireland who cannot secure accommodation outside of Direct Provision, as of March 2020.

Peter McVerry Trust worked with over 4,500 people in 2016. We work primarily with young single individuals, but also offer support to increasing numbers of couples and families.

The majority of those who access our services are young, homeless males aged from 18 to 35

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Our Empty Homes Initiative

We strongly believe that addressing these issues can play a significant role in improving housing availability, housing affordability, and reducing and ultimately eliminating homelessness.

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Under 18s and Aftercare Services

Peter McVerry Trust provides residential services for young people under the age of 18, and for those who age out of State care upon turning 18 years old.

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