Homelessness in Ireland

Educational Resources on Homelessness


Peter McVerry Trust realises the significant role research plays in shaping policy proposals that are designed to effectively tackle homelessness in Ireland and reduce the risk of homelessness for people who are on the margins and most vulnerable in our society.

Below are a number of recent examples of research reports carried out by Peter McVerry Trust.

Peter McVerry Trust and DCU: Educational Gaps and Future Solutions

A major research report, by DCU’s Educational Disadvantage Centre and Peter McVerry Trust, on young homeless men’s experiences of the education system has found a widespread need for reforms and additional supports for vulnerable young people in the education system.

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Rural Homelessness Report

In September 2019, Peter McVerry Trust published a report examining the factors impacting on rural homelessness in Ireland. The report sets out five key actions to help tackle rural homelessness as the charity reports that the number of homeless adults in rural counties rose to over 1,000 for the first time in May 2019.

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Annual Reports

Every year, Peter McVerry Trust publishes an in-depth Annual Report which gives a detailed review of the work carried out by the charity across a range of services and departments in a given year.

The most recent Annual Report was published in May 2023.

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